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Obadiah, Junior, Mt. Michael

Obadiah, a past All Saints Catholic School student, attended SAVE Academic Mentoring Program (AMP) sessions at UNO and Metro as a 5th grader in 2016 until 8th grade in 2020. As a part of SAVE, students who attend AMP sessions qualify for funding for extracurricular activities. Obidiah chose to enroll in All Saints basketball team, where he quickly became a leader and mentor for the younger students. 

While at All Saints, Obadiah participated in the Dundee Bank Savings Program, which sparked his interest in investing. Dundee Bank partners with All Saints and allows students the opportunity to open a free savings account, where they can bring their own money in every week and start their journey towards saving money at an early age. By bringing in a few bucks every week to put in his savings account, Obadiah was able to save a substantial amount of money by the time he graduated from All Saints.

Obadiah is now a Junior at Mt. Michael and a part of our new program, the Follow Through Program. SAVE follows graduates to their middle or high school and provides support, encouragement, and resources for students to stay engaged with both academics and extracurriculars. 

We sat down with Obadiah during his first Follow Through Program meeting to catch up with him:

Q: What was your most memorable SAVE experience?

A: When we went to Metro Community College, we got to do a bunch of building challenges. It was fun hanging with my friends and competing to see who would win the challenges. 

Q: What are you looking forward to with the new SAVE Follow Through Program?

A: I’m growing into a young man, and trying to get ahead in life. I’m looking forward to growing a lot more. I’m excited that SAVE is here to continue helping me with what I need to get to where I want to go. 

Q: What extracurricular activity are you currently involved in at Mt. Michael?

A: I’m on the Investment Committee, which is an organization that gets money from the school, and the student-led committee decides where to invest. I’m trying to get everyone to invest in Apple, because they always have new products coming out and seem like a pretty solid investment choice.