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We believe that every child deserves access to extracurricular opportunities that can help them develop important life skills and become well-rounded individuals. That’s why we partner with local organizations to provide our kids with a range of after-school and weekend activities. From sports teams to arts programs to STEM clubs, we work with these organizations to ensure that our students have access to a variety of opportunities that align with their interests and passions. By connecting under-served youth with these resources, we’re able to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. This commitment to providing our kids with access to extracurricular opportunities is at the heart of our mission to empower the next generation of successful students and active individuals.

Some of our vendors include:

Arts For All Inc All Saints Catholic School
Bellevue Junior Sports Association Approach Climbing Gym
Sarpy YMCASouthwest YMCA