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Considering most of our SAVE students would be first-generation college students, we strive to get them on college campuses as much as possible so they can start to envision themselves in a college setting. Our Adventure in Trades Program allows the SAVE kids to visit Metropolitan Community College Campuses anywhere between 2-4 times a year to learn about trades, community college, and all that Metro has to offer. Throughout the school year, our students visit local colleges 15 times! 

The Career Experiences Department planned a two-fold day with catapult building and a CAT simulator experience focusing on construction, engineering, and problem solving. The catapult-building competition allowed our kids to design and construct their own catapults using a limited set of materials. It was truly inspiring to see our young learners working together, exchanging ideas, and overcoming obstacles as they tried to build the most efficient catapults. The cup-stacking challenge was another exciting activity that required not only engineering skills, but also patience and communication, as team members had to coordinate their movements and adjust their strategies on the fly. These exercises were great opportunities for problem-solving, resilience, and team building.

And of course, we couldn’t leave without trying the CAT simulator, a state-of-the-art machine that allowed our participants to experience the thrill of operating heavy machinery in a safe and controlled environment. It was a unique opportunity to see what it’s like to work in the construction industry and learn about the skills and knowledge required for such a job.This was definitely the crowd favorite! 

Overall, our visit to Metropolitan Community College-South Campus was a fantastic learning experience that left our kids inspired and motivated to pursue careers in STEM fields. We would like to thank the Career Experiences Department for their hospitality, planning, and dedication, and we look forward to future collaborations!