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At SAVE, we believe in providing enriching experiences that ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning. Recently, we had the privilege of embarking on another memorable visit to Metropolitan Community College (MCC), where our kids delved into the world of horticulture and culinary arts. This hands-on adventure left them with valuable knowledge, cherished memories, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature and the culinary delights it offers.

Discovering Horticulture:

Guided by the horticulture team at MCC, our kids embarked on a remarkable sensory journey, immersing themselves in the vibrant world of edible plants. They had the unique opportunity to taste an array of fascinating plants, including peppermint, basil, lemon thyme, Greek oregano, and Thai basil. Engaging their senses, they carefully observed and documented the visual appearance, texture, aroma, and taste of three distinct plants. This hands-on exploration allowed them to not only expand their palates but also deepen their understanding of the diverse characteristics found within the botanical world.

Creating Green Thumbs:

During their time at MCC, our kids were also each given their very own basil plant to nurture and care for. As they held these young sprouts in their hands, a sense of responsibility and connection to the natural world blossomed within them. They learned about the importance of proper watering, sunlight, and care needed to help their basil plants thrive.

Culinary Adventures with Chef Peter:

A highlight of our visit was the opportunity to learn from the esteemed Chef Peter, who shared his culinary expertise and passion for fresh, homemade delights. Our kids discovered the art of creating their own pesto from scratch using basil leaves. With Chef Peter’s guidance, they learned about the essential ingredients, techniques, and flavors that make pesto a beloved classic. The joy of grinding, mixing, and tasting their creations filled the room, as each kid experienced the satisfaction of bringing a delicious creation to life.

This visit to MCC not only provided our kids with a memorable and educational experience but also instilled in them a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world and the culinary arts. The knowledge they gained, the flavors they discovered, and the skills they acquired will stay with them long after the visit.

At SAVE, we are dedicated to providing meaningful experiences that broaden horizons and inspire lifelong learning. Our visit to MCC was a testament to the power of hands-on education, nurturing a love for horticulture and culinary arts in our kids. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to MCC and Chef Peter for their invaluable contributions and for creating an unforgettable journey for our young learners. Together, we are sowing seeds of knowledge, fostering passion, and empowering the next generation to embrace the wonders of the world around them.