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Pairing Education and Extracurricular Activities

The opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity is the primary initiative SAVE uses to encourage active involvement in a child’s education and community.  By creating that connection between academic success and athletic/extracurricular support, our programming helps kids reach their potential both in the classroom and on the field. This mutually beneficial programming style makes it easy for participants to see how one element aids the other in their success.

We stand apart from any other organization in the area by bringing participants onto a college campus on a regular basis for educational tutoring, homework help and life skill courses. Our partnerships with the Multicultural Affairs Departments at Creighton University, Bellevue University and the University of Nebraska Omaha have allowed us to provide tutoring/mentoring sessions on a weekly basis. Since our programming initially started, unexcused absences have decreased by 62 percent and participants’ GPAs have risen by  0.5 point, on average.

The youth involved in our tutoring program receive funding and support to participate in an extracurricular activity of their choice – whether that’s baseball, softball, football or playing an instrument, we strive to assist every child in finding their passion and pursuing their dreams.

In addition to sponsoring our tutoring participants, SAVE strives to create equal opportunities for all youth in Omaha. Extracurricular camps in Nebraska cost anywhere from $50 a week to $350 dollars a week with league registration fees running about $200. We aim to ensure that kids without the financial ability have access to participate with kids in other areas of the city.  Summer camps are offered at no cost to participants of the SAVE Program, with all youth from the area encouraged to attend, be active, and try something new.

Who We Help

We cater to under-served youth in grades 3-8 that reside in the Greater Omaha Area. Since launching in 2009, our participation numbers have increased drastically and will continue to rise with increased financial support. Each year, approximately 200 youth from the community attend our summer camps.

Over 200 children are currently enrolled in our program with additional children expressing interest in joining. A lack of necessary transportation assistance prevents this dream from becoming a reality.